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Surgo Ventures
We use all the tools available from behavioral science, data science, and artificial intelligence to unlock solutions that will save and improve people’s lives.

Surgo Ventures Projects Vaccination Rates will Plateau in April— Before We Reach Herd Immunity

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Awwal Bissala/Nigeria

Stories of community vulnerability include a single mother in Texas with dirty drinking water, a father in the Mississippi Delta delivering food to hungry neighbors, and more

Photo: World Bank Photo Collection

The “watchful,” the “cost-anxious,” and the “system distrusters” are all types of people that can be persuaded with the right approaches

A Chatbot Delivers Health Information Directly to Couples

In the absence of reliable data on the effects of the pandemic, the Africa COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index can inform a targeted pandemic response

Accra, Ghana (Source: Unsplash)

COVID-19 has not discriminated, but America’s response has

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