Promoting Family Planning During COVID-19

A Chatbot Delivers Health Information Directly to Couples

Our Solution

1. Offline and online marketing channels can reach different groups of people

2. Messages that evoke curiosity and address broader health/life goals are more appealing

Translation to English: Did you know there are new methods? Keep up with changing times. Instant. Private. Latest. Trusted. Free.
Translation to English: Biggest problem: What will people say? Ask Nivi about FP. Expert advice. Trusted. Ask things you don’t want to say aloud. Free. Personal.

3. Balanced, customized information builds trust and empowers people to act

4. Men want to be part of the conversation

5. Adaptability is key

We use all the tools available from behavioral science, data science, and artificial intelligence to unlock solutions that will save and improve people’s lives.

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