The COVID-19 college football crisis

27 communities facing a perfect storm of vulnerability

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  • Arkansas (Washington, AR);
  • Auburn (Lee, AL);
  • Boston College (Norfolk, MA);
  • Clemson (Pickens, SC);
  • Georgia Tech (Fulton, GA);
  • Indiana (Monroe, IN);
  • Iowa (Johnson, IA);
  • Louisville (Jefferson, KY);
  • LSU (East Baton Rouge, LA);
  • Miami (Miami-Dade, FL);
  • Missouri (Boone, MO);
  • Nebraska (Lancaster, NE);
  • Northwestern (Cook, IL);
  • Ohio State (Franklin, OH);
  • Oklahoma (Cleveland, OK);
  • Ole Miss (Lafayette, MO);
  • Oregon (Lane, OR);
  • Oregon State (Benton, OR);
  • Pittsburgh (Allegheny, PA);
  • Rutgers (Middlesex, NJ);
  • Syracuse (Onondaga, NY);
  • Tennessee (Knox, TN);
  • Vanderbilt (Davidson, TN);
  • Virginia (Albemarle, VA);
  • Virginia Tech (Montgomery, VA); and
  • University of Washington (King, WA).
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